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Article: Self-Care Strategies to Fit Any Budget and Schedule

Self-Care Strategies to Fit Any Budget and Schedule

Self-Care Strategies to Fit Any Budget and Schedule

Self-Care Strategies to Fit Any Budget and Schedule

If your life is busy and you feel pulled in a million directions, you probably think you are too busy to focus on self-care. However, investing in your health and fitness can help you feel more in control and enable you to face life's pressures with a sense of calm. Luckily, there are also many budget-friendly options. So, whether you are faced with an over-scheduled calendar or a restrictive budget, consider these self-care strategies from T•L for feeling your best and living life to the fullest.

Work Out at Home

Starting a regular exercise program will do wonders for your health. Government experts suggest that regular physical activity can decrease your risk of chronic disease and cancer, strengthen your muscles and bones, help with weight management, boost your mental health, and even increase your life expectancy.
If you are dealing with money or time constraints, consider working out from home rather than commuting to and from an expensive gym. There are plenty of budget-friendly options you can easily squeeze into your busy schedule:

• Go for a quick neighborhood run when you get up in the morning
• Take a free exercise class on YouTube when you have a few extra minutes
• Join an exercise forum to gain guidance and motivation

• Take five minutes at the end of the day to stretch or do a relaxing yoga flow
One option that is often overlooked is dancing. Dancing is a great way to get your heart rate up and burn calories, and it can be done anywhere. Plus, when you dance like no one is watching, you can let loose and have fun. There are no rules or limits when you're dancing for yourself, so you can try out any moves you want. You can even put on your favourite music and make up your own routine. So next time you're looking for a way to get some exercise, consider busting a
move in your living room. Chances are, you'll have a blast and get a great workout. If you’re looking for inspiration, @agingfiercely on Instagram is a good place to start!

On jam-packed days, you should focus on short bursts of movement rather than full exercise sessions. For example, opt for the stairs rather than the elevator, park further from your destination, take a walk during work breaks, and utilize surfaces in your home (walls, chairs, and counters) for strength moves, such as tricep dips or basic ballet positions.

Prioritize Nutrition

How you fuel your body can also significantly impact your health. Aim to eat a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, healthy fats, lean meats, nuts, and legumes. 

To increase your odds of success, stock your refrigerator with healthy options and bring a shopping list to the store to avoid impulse purchases. Also, avoid keeping junk food in your house and try to cook at home rather than dine out. These things will help both your health and your budget! 

Staying hydrated is also important. Invest in filtered water and a reusable stainless-steel bottle to make drinking water both pleasant and convenient.

Create a Nurturing Environment

The state of your home environment can impact how you feel. Reduce your stress and boost your energy by optimizing your space:

• Utilize a decluttering method to make your house feel more positive and                 spacious
• Use storage in creative ways to neaten your space and improve organization
• Establish a division of labor within your family to ensure all cleaning tasks are        consistently completed
Incorporate nature into your environment by adding live plants and nature-            themed artwork
• Increase the brightness of your home by opening the blinds and welcoming in        natural light.

Establish a Peaceful Oasis

Consider having a dedicated space for quiet time. If you want to read and reflect, set up a quiet corner with a cozy chair, warm lighting, and a spot for your coffee mug. Alternatively, create a space for meditation with incense and a floor cushion. Then, improve your skills by taking advantage of a free meditation app.

If limited finances or an overflowing calendar have kept you from investing in your health and fitness, it's time for a change. Adopt a few self-care strategies to improve how you feel, and you'll end up being healthier and better equipped to tackle anything life throws at you!

T•L is constantly thinking outside of the "cosmetic box"; to bring you truly original, pure, luxury body care products which are authentic in their craftsmanship. Why not take a moment to browse our shop?

Written by Guest Author, Andrea Needham:

A lifelong writer, Andrea created her website Elders Day to share information and resources with other seniors who love living it up as they age. Andrea believes our golden years don’t have to be a time to slow down, and looks forward to sharing experiences that are perfect for aging adults"


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