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Article: 2022 Is in our rearview...

2022 Is in our rearview...

2022 Is in our rearview...

Christmas 2022

2022 is in our rearview...

And I think the general consensus is good riddance! Yes, we thoroughly enjoyed celebrating T•L’s 10th Anniversary by sharing special deals, giveaways and new products with our loyal customer base, but we could have done without the Tornado that ripped through our little town, the on going supply chain issues and rising inflation.

T•L Black Label Boxes 


Each month we compiled a list of the month’s orders and drew a lucky name to receive a T•L Black Label Box. A few recipients described themselves as “the person who never wins anything”, so it was nice that T•L was able to change their “luck”. 



During the month of February we donated 10% of profits to Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences. We enjoyed it so much we’ve decided to do it again for the month of January 2023.



What was supposed to be a quiet long weekend in Uxbridge turned into headline news when a rare weather phenomenon known as a derecho ripped through downtown Uxbridge. Roofs were ripped off, businesses were crippled and in my opinion our prettiest church, Trinity United, built in 1888, was destroyed. In usual Uxbridge style the community pulled together to help those in need. *Side note: A house across the street was narrowly missed by a massive tree that came down in their front yard. A week later a fire started in their basement while no one was home. Fortunately my neighbour noticed the smoke and called 911. Sadly, the smoke damage condemned the house and it was torn down. Kind of makes you rethink fate.



Still continues to be an issue, however being a small business we have the ability to quickly pivot resulting in some packaging looking a little different in the future. 



Sadly no one has immunity from inflation. We were forced to raise our Flat Rate & Free Shipping threshold to match the increased cost of shipping. However, the growth of the business has allowed us to purchase our materials in larger quantities which would normally translate into a price break, but instead we have been able to hold steady and not raise our prices. Fingers are crossed we can maintain this for 2023. 



New products


We introduced a new face serum and several featured blends. We loved offering our customers new limited scents that we’ve decided to offer a new limited scent every month this year starting in February. 

New equipment

When I started T•L 10 years ago I did extensive R&D for each new product then figured out ways to execute in my basement setting. All of the Liquid Soap tutorials I watched were done on stove tops. A stove in my basement wasn’t an option and a hot plate posed a tipping disaster. So instead I used a restaurant grade countertop soup cooker with an 11 quart capacity. As demand grew I bought more soup cookers. My staff (Laura & Kerry) finally put their foot down at 4 pots and told me it was time to take our equipment to the next level. Introducing Sherman and Panzer. Our new 20 gallons tanks. 

(Editor’s note: Laura likes to name everything in the studio. Our soap drums are Soaprah and Jennifer Sopez, our new industrial hand mixer is Momoa (as in Jason). When we do a big soap filling day it’s an ‘extravaganza’. Some of the other names we can’t mention here 😊. Our hydraulic carts and compressor are still waiting for their perfect names)

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