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A word from Tova....



My foray into soap making came from an addiction to soap. I just love the way it looks, feels and smells. In my bathroom I didn't just want a bar of soap, I wanted a bowl of soap...a very large bowl!! When I realized it was something I could actually make, there was no stopping me; being in control of what went into my soap was just too enticing. But the variety of oils, fats & liquids were endless....I experienced option anxiety! 

And so my research began....

Right away, I saw a gap in the personal care market. The majority of handmade soaps are made with a blend of oils. Coconut oil is usually part of the formula and for an understandable reason: coconut oil creates lots of lather when used in soap making. It also makes the bar nice and hard. Unfortunately, when coconut oil is saponified it becomes extremely astringent, making it very drying on the skin. Don't get me wrong, I like coconut oil - I use it in my Sugar Polish and Cleansing Hair Conditioner - but not in my soap. While it might help bring down the cost of the bar, I just wasn't willing to compromise moisturizing qualities for bubbles. For me, Castile soap, made with olive oil, is the original beauty bar. It was first made in Spain in the 13th century and was referred to as "The Queen of Soaps". Nor was I willing to compromise the quality of my products by using fragrance oil to scent them. Essential oils bring so much more to the party. Not only do they smell like the scent nature gave them, they also impart crucial therapeutic properties. All my products are scented with pure essential oils - never fragrance oil. I'm actually amazed at how intrusive synthetic scents are now that I have elimintated them from my home. 

Once my line of Castile Bar soaps had been established as the foundation of my business, I never looked back.

When it was time to grow my business and offer my clients other types of body care, I knew I had to continue along this path and create products that were truly unique. It was at this time I noticed another gap in the personal care market. Have you ever gone into the drugstore and read the ingredient list on random personal care products? I did and do you know what I found? The ingredients didn't vary that much. Sure, the shape, size and price of the products were different, but when you actually looked at the ingredients, they were generally very similar. To make matters worse, most of the products included undesirable ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Parabens, EDTA, Phthalates, Fragrance Oil and even Formaldehyde! I knew these ingredients didn't contribute anything of value to the cosmetic formula, so I continued my research.  I discovered safer, alternative ingredients like citric acid - yes, made from actual citrus fruit! - and sea salt. You won't find any carcinogenic ingredients in the T•L collection!!

When I entered the world of soap making I played with many different oils and scents. But when it came to turning my hobby into a business, I knew I had to offer my clients the best of the best and that was an authentic Castile soap and body care collection, hand crafted with olive oil, and scented with pure essential oils. 

I'm proud of what I've learned since starting my business in 2011 and I'm proud of the eco-luxury products I offer my clients. I find beauty in simplicity. This idea is reflected not only in our products, but also in our original packaging. T•L is the only body care brand in the world creating liquid soap made exclusively with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt and serving it up in olive oil bottles.  

At T•L we are constantly thinking outside of the "cosmetic box" to bring you truly original, pure, luxury body care products which are authentic in their craftsmanship.

Tova Langhans

The “T” in House of T•L stands for Tova

t (o)va_ Heb. adj. good/bon
t (o)va_Swed. adj. beautiful/beau

At House of T•L we like things that smell good.
We like things that are beautiful.
We like things that are good for you
…and the environment.

Now that’s beautiful!