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CAUTION: ⚠️ Sciency Explanations Ahead

You may be hearing a lot about Squalene or Squalane recently when researching new beauty and body care products. So what the heck is it? First, we need to understand what Squalene is and it’s history.

Squalene vs. Squalane

Squalene is a fat-soluble antioxidant that is naturally produced during cholesterol synthesis and occurs in the skin and in small amount in the blood. It is similar in molecular structure to Vitamin E and is therefore helpful in protecting against environmental stressors of the skin. (For an even sciencier explanation Wikipedia is a great resource). Animal based Squalene for use in products has been around for decades and has historically been derived from animals such as sharks. Shark livers contain up to 80% Squalene. Squalene from a source such as this is not only cruel and unethical but is an unsustainable source and many shark species had been hunted almost to extinction to obtain it. More recently, plant based squalene has become popular in many skincare products. When researching product ingredients be sure to check that any containing squalene (or squalane) are getting it from a sustainable plant source. Squalene itself is not a stable ingredient and can have colouring or aroma that may be undesirable. Products using Squalene will not have a long shelf life as the Squalene will break down quickly.
Squalane is a stabilized version of Squalene that is odourless and colourless. For that reason its use in body care products has become very popular. Squalane can actually pull moisture from the air and hold it on the skin long enough for it to be absorbed. There are many sources for plant-based Squalane such as rice bran, wheat germ, amaranth seed and of course, olives. T•L uses strictly Olive Squalane in its products. Not to be confused with olive oil, Squalane has a completely different structure than olive oil. Olive oil molecules are triglycerides made of fatty acids and glycerin whereas Squalane’s structure is completely different.
The benefits of squalane for the skin (and even hair) are vast. We encourage you to do your own research before buying any products containing Squalane but if it’s from a sustainable, ethical, plant-based source, we are confident you will love the result of using products containing it.

Benefits of Olive Squalene

1. Non-comedogenic
2. Lightweight
3. Similar to your skin's natural sebum allowing it to penetrate easily into the skin.
4. Odourless and colourless
5. Sustainable plant-derived source
6. Long shelf life (as compared to Squalene)
7. Improves skin’s elasticity
8. Spreads easily on skin
9. Smoothes and softens skin giving it a silky feel
10. Protects against moisture loss
11. Due to its similarlty to our skin’s natural lipids, it is not considered a significant irritant or allergen
12. Anti-inflammatory properties making it great for skin prone to eczema, rosacea, acne and other skin issues.
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