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Winter Rose Description

Winter Rose is our only 'winter' bar. Our regular soaps leave 15% of the Olive Oil unsaponified (that means not turned in to soap) giving them a great year round use. Our Winter Rose leaves 30% of the Olive Oil unsaponified making it a creamier bar that gives added moisture protection in the harsher, drier months. It is a softer bar as a result but if you leave it on the Loofah Slice (included with purchase) in your soap dish, it will remain nice and dry between uses. Your soap dish will thank us!

What is a Castile bar?

True Castile soaps are made with 100% Olive Oil, no other oils are added. Most on the market contain coconut, sunflower, palm or some other vegetable oil along with the Olive Oil.


Rose essential oil has so many benefits for the skin including anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. It's the perfect oil to help protect aging skin. That's why you'll also find it in our Face Cream!

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