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Sugar Polish How-to

How to use Sugar Polish

As a body exfoliator and moisturizer: In the shower, after your normal routine, take a small amount of Sugar Polish on your hands.  Rub gently in circular motions wherever you need exfoliating or extra moisturization.  Ankles, heels, and elbows are great places to start.  Rinse off the sugar and pat dry.  Pro tip: Your hands will also benefit from the moisturization so be careful not to touch your hair until you've washed or dried your hands or it could leave some of the oils in it.

As a face polish:  No more than once a week you can use our Sugar Polish to exfoliate and refresh your face. Cleanse your face as normal. Take a small amount (about the size of a grape) of Sugar Polish.  To wet skin, rub in circular motions very gently over the face.  Rinse of the sugar and pat dry.

As a lip scrub:  Wet your lips.  Take a small amount (about pea sized) and rub gently on your lips.  Rinse off sugar and pat dry. 

As a hand rescue:  If you get dry, flaky hands in the winter you'll love this.  Wash hands as normal.  To wet hands rub a small amount of Sugar Polish (about grape size) all over, including the backs of your hands.  Rinse clean and pat dry.  Your hands will feel revitalized and creams will be better able to absorb and hydrate your skin.  Finish off with T•L's Hand and Body Cream for the ultimate spa experience.