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Massage Oil Description - House Blend

For those of us who don’t get as many massages as we’d like (so we don’t need quite as much Massage Oil as our previous 250ml), we’ve created a handy new 100ml size. While partly out of necessity because of supply chain issues with our 250ml bottle, we also thought this new size would be perfect for trying us out, gifting, or giving yourself a little pampering.  

Our blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Coconut Oil will glide over your skin for a wonderful massage before it sinks into the skin to deeply moisturize. Add it to your bath or smooth it onto wet skin after a shower as a light moisturizer, you'll love this liquid gold!

Scented with our signature House Blend scent.  Want to know more about House Blend, read our blog here.

Available while quantities last, then it's gone until next fall!

A NOTE ABOUT USING OUR PRODUCTS: We know you’ll want to use your T•L products right away. In the event however that you don’t, please be aware that since T•L products are all natural, their shelf life is less than your typical drugstore brands (think homemade bread vs. sliced bread). All our products are meant to be used within a year of purchase. Check the back label for the jar icon to see the number of months once bottles are opened. Like with most things natural, fresher is better.