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Goat's Milk & Oatmeal Description

True Castile soap. This is where it all started. After a forced career change (see The Journey To T•LANGHANS for those gory details) it was time for something new. Being a soap addict I was already experimenting with making soap so I thought ‘hey, why not see if anyone wants to buy my homemade soaps?’. I knew melt and pour wouldn’t cut it so I embarked on a journey to make a cold-pressed true Castile soap. True Castile soaps are made with 100% Olive Oil; no other oils are added. Turns out there aren’t very many available. Most contain coconut, sunflower, palm or some other vegetable oil along with the Olive Oil. I knew I was on to something when people kept coming back for more of my soap. I started with known scents such as Lemongrass, Lavender and Bergamot to name a few. We now have 10 scents including our exclusive House Blend. We hope you enjoy these hand-made soaps as much as we enjoy making them. Did we mention our soap makes the perfect Stocking Suffer, Hostess or Teacher Gift? Oh and every soap comes with a free loofah slice. Your soap dish will thank us!

Goat's Milk:

Crafted for ultra-sensitive skin, our Goat's Milk Bars are a moisturizing combination of goat’s milk and oatmeal. What could be better than antioxidant rich virgin olive oil and skin smoothing goat’s milk blended with the anti-inflammatory and gentle exfoliating benefits of oatmeal?


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**All our products are handcrafted, packaged, and labelled in Canada by a small group of very dedicated women who are passionate about creating quality products just for you.