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Frankincense & Myrrh Description

True Castile soap. This is where it all started. After a forced career change (see The Journey To T•LANGHANS for those gory details) it was time for something new. Being a soap addict I was already experimenting with making soap so I thought ‘hey, why not see if anyone wants to buy my homemade soaps?’. I knew melt and pour wouldn’t cut it so I embarked on a journey to make a cold-pressed true Castile soap. True Castile soaps are made with 100% Olive Oil; no other oils are added. Turns out there aren’t very many available. Most contain coconut, sunflower, palm or some other vegetable oil along with the Olive Oil. I knew I was on to something when people kept coming back for more of my soap. I started with known scents such as Lemongrass, Lavender and Bergamot to name a few. We now have 10 scents including our exclusive House Blend. We hope you enjoy these hand-made soaps as much as we enjoy making them. Oh and every soap comes with a free loofah slice. Your soap dish will thank us!

Frankincense & Myrrh:

Conjuring the Three Kings bearing gifts, this blend is the ultimate gift for your skin. Frankincense is one of the best essential oils in skincare, rejuvenating and preventing wrinkles while Myrrh is recommended for inflamed skin conditions. These are the most spiritual essential oils and a Tova personal favourite: “To me, using this bar is like walking into the sweet woodsy smell of a hot sauna.”


  • tones and lifts skin
  • heals and protects skin
  • fades and heals scars
  • promotes regeneration of healthy cells and keeps existing cells and tissues healthy
  • eliminates germs
  • balsamic, warm and spicy aroma
  • aromatherapy benefits: centering, visualizing, meditative

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**All our products are handcrafted, packaged, and labelled in Canada by a small group of very dedicated women who are passionate about creating quality products just for you.