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Face Serum INTENSE Description


Face Serums are a concentrated version of a Face Cream. T•L’s Face Serum contains no water so you’re getting the full benefit of the moisturizers and essential oils in it.

Our INTENSE version contains a plant-based Squalane, otherwise known as liquid gold for the skin. This luxurious oil absorbs easily into the skin and provides long lasting hydration. Then we add a delicate essential oil blend to indulge and delight your senses.

  • Plant-based Squalane - A naturally occurring hydrocarbon made from the unsaponifiable matter of plant oils. It strengthens the skin's barrier and helps it retain moisture. It contains beneficial antioxidants that protect the skin from damage due to age and the environment.
  • Essential oil blend - Sandalwood, Petitgrain, Cardamom. In addition to their pleasing aroma, these oils help smooth the complexion, improve circulation and assist with the healing of rosacea and acne-induced irritation.

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A NOTE ABOUT USING OUR PRODUCTS: We know you’ll want to use your T•L products right away. In the event however that you don’t, please be aware that since T•L products are all natural, their shelf life is less than your typical drugstore brands (think homemade bread vs. sliced bread). All our products are meant to be used within a year of purchase. Check the back label for the jar icon to see the number of months once bottles are opened. Like with most things natural, fresher is better.

**All our products are handcrafted, packaged, and labelled in Canada by a small group of very dedicated women who are passionate about creating quality products just for you.