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2023 Wrap Up

The year of growth and change

From T•LANGHANS to House of T•L

This past year was probably my scariest to date - even more so than having to rebrand when Tova Borgnine issued me a cease and desist back when I started 10 years ago (click here for the details on that story).

Financially we’re all feeling the pinch and this year was no different for T•L. As a result, I was energized into making moves to put myself and T•L on the line and chose to hire Silver Lining Marketing to generate some much overdue PR. Marketing and PR however is like putting insulation in your roof. It’s a lot of expense and hard work and at the end you don’t see the results of your renovation. You eventually start to feel it but it can sometimes take a while before you really notice the benefits. 

We are thrilled however with the attention T•L received in so many major publications. You can find all our media highlights here.

The Rebrand

It didn’t take long for Silver Lining to determine a rebrand was in order. T•LANGHANS had built a solid base and served us well, but we noticed a trend where customers avoided saying Langhans because well, they just weren’t quite sure how to pronounce it! After a few weeks of brainstorming House of T•L was born. I knew we were on the right track when the brand acronym HOTL fit like a glove with our plans to expand into Hotel Amenities. 

Company Growth

With any initiatives like this it means not only putting more into marketing but also operations. From new equipment, bigger batches and more overall product being made it definitely brought on challenges for my existing team. We had some employee changes and have been training several new employees to round out our team in preparation for expanding our amenities production (more on that later). Being a boss does not come naturally to me. Over the past year I’ve had to get out of my comfort zone so many times but overall I feel more confident and stronger going forward as my company grows. 

Moving into amenities

We continue to supply restaurant restrooms across Canada through our Preferred Partner program and felt the natural next step was amenities. 

We are proud to announce that Vettä Nordic Spa is the first location using House of T•L Amenities in their change rooms. After enjoying several cycles of Hot (hot tub, sauna), Cold (plunge pool) and relaxation (meditation mats, Muskoka chairs around a fire pit) you will enjoy the finishing touch of showering with House of T•L Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner and moisturizing with our House Blend Hand & Body Cream. With our sleek new dispensers we are looking forward to forming more amenity partnerships in 2024.

Sustainability at House of T•L

One of my favourite highlights this year was finding Pact Collective! The beauty industry has a recycling problem when it comes to packaging that is smaller than your fist or is mixed materials (think glass dropper with rubber squeeze bulb). Pact Collective is the solution to making sure those items don’t fall through the recycling cracks. Clean and collect those items to drop off at participating Sephora or Winners locations or use our link to purchase a shipping label and mail them to Pact Collective who will sustainably recycle or repurpose those items. Read more here. Post a photo or video of your good deed to Facebook or Instagram tagging @houseoftlofficial and we will add 200 Tova Coins ($10 Value) to your TL Rewards Account to thank you!

Entering 2024

We always like to start off the year with a Big Win and this year is no different. We value being in a position to be able to give back. So once again we will be donating over 300 bars of soap to our local food bank and continue our support for mental health issues by donating 10% of January's proceeds to Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences. I’m excited to see what 2024 will bring. I feel like we have entered the Sci-fi years I always imagined as a child. How about you? 

Article: 2023 Wrap Up

2023 Wrap Up

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