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Hi there, I'm Tova Langhans and the "T" in T•LANGHANS Artisanal Spa Products. So the next few videos are going to be about my journey to my business T•LANGHANS. So the first question is : What did you do before T•LANGHANS? Well I'm going to take this back 15 years when I reconnected with my first passion which was horses. I was one of those little girls that was horse crazy at around 5 or 6 years old I think I saw the movie Black Beauty and that was it, horses were everything to me. I didn't walk places, I galloped, holding imaginary reins, tapping my bum with an imaginary crop, that was me. I had a horse for a couple of years from the age of 10 til 12 when I lived in Surrey B.C. That was the best 2 years of my childhood when I had my horse Chakko. Fast forward 20 years and I reconnected with that passion when I happened to read the book "The Horse Whisperer" and whoosh it all came back to me, reading this book, how much I loved horses and how much I was whispering to my horse Chakko (that's a whole other video) I'm a firm believer in putting things out there into the universe and I spoke about this passion and someone was listening, my neighbour downstairs! He was a personal trainer and I told him about this passion and he said "I have someone who's looking for help with her horses in Uxbridge!" So I was connected with Sue and the next thing I know I am taking care of 4 beautiful horses, commuting from Toronto to play with these horses! I did it for a year and a half through a winter and at this point my husband could see I was very serious about this, the cold winter months didn't scare me away and he thought, she's serious about this, let's move up to Uxbridge. At the time he had a record deal with Mammoth Records a division of Disney. His band The Full Nine were now touring and we thought Uxbridge was a great place as a home base to tour from. So we moved up here, bought our house and little did I know I was moving next door to a man who would play a huge roll in the development of T•LANGHANS. I also met another person because of my horse passion, who would also play a huge roll in making T•LANGHANS a reality.

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